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Jolly Green Oil

JGO pioneers the forefront of natural wellness, offering a diverse range of innovative plant medicine including CBD, THCa, Mushroom, and Blue Lotus. Their curated selection is a testament to our commitment to harnessing the profound benefits of Earth’s botanicals for holistic health and well-being.

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Imaginal Biotech

Imaginal’s delicious edibles (gummies and softgels) and easy-to-use salves are designed to transform your lifestyle and improve your sleep, boost your immunity, and reduce your stress levels. This family-owned business offers broad and full-spectrum wellness products made from premium hemp grown in the US.

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Bulk Mushroom Extracts

They specialize in sourcing and producing the finest mushroom-based products. Committed to excellence, their extracts capture the pure essence of nature for your health and wellness needs. Mushrooms available are reishi, chaga, turkey tail, blue lotus, lion’s maine, cordyceps, muscimol, and amanita muscaria.

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SporesMD is proud to serve mycology researchers with the cleanest and highest-quality mushroom spores. They’re eager to offer a selection of highly sought-after strains, including in-demand cultivars like Golden Teacher, Penis Envy and Blue Meanie, with a user-friendly, sterile syringe applicator that makes it easier than ever to fulfill your research needs.

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